Founded by award-winning architect Anthony Hayden in 1958, the Hayden Collective is one of the most respected architectural and interior design firms in the world.



It's not easy running a corporation. Let us help. We advise our clients on all matters concerning your community such as budgets, board meetings, annual meetings, elections, contracts, and general corporate guidance.  Blackbird works with your Board to ensure your association is in compliance with its governing documents and Florida law. 


Think of your community's governing documents as "the constitution" by which your community operates. These documents typically include the Declaration, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations to name a few.  As the law and your community change over the years, your governing documents may need to change with them.  Maybe your governing documents were recorded 15 or 20 years ago and contain provisions which are no longer relevant to the current operational needs of the association.  Perhaps your board wants to regulate an activity but lacks the authority to do so in its governing documents.  An amendment to one or all of the governing documents may be prove helpful.   Blackbird can help.


One of the hallmarks of community association living is the set of governing documents which owners are required to follow.  Unfortunately, many owners violate these documents forcing the Board to take action.   Whether the owner has failed to obtain the requisite approval for a property modification; has let his property fall into disrepair; or has otherwise violated a restriction, Blackbird can help.  Our experience and know how enables us to provide sound legal opinions regarding the association's options in resolving the violation.  


Assessments are the lifeblood of the association and your Board of Directors must remain diligent to ensure that owners do not become delinquent.  However, despite your Board's best efforts members can fall behind in paying their assessments necessitating the need to take action.  At Blackbird, we guide the association through all areas of collections ensuring compliance with your governing documents and Florida law.  Blackbird understands that it is an extension of the Board and employs a professional and ethical approach when dealing with delinquent owners to quickly resolve the delinquency.  From the initial demand letter all the way through filing the claim of lien and foreclosure lawsuit, Blackbird is here to guide your association through the process.


Often an owner who has stopped paying assessments has also stopped paying his mortgage.  As a result, your association may find itself involved in the owner's mortgage foreclosure lawsuit.  Although the Florida Statutes allow your association to make ceratin claims against the bank for the past due amounts, such claims can only be made at the conclusion of the mortgage foreclosure case.  At Blackbird, we take a proactive approach to defending your association against an owner's mortgage foreclosure.  We attempt to push the mortgage foreclosure case to completion allowing the association to make its claim on the past due amounts sooner, rather than later.


Founded by award-winning architect Anthony Hayden in 1958, the Hayden Collective is one of the most respected architectural and interior design firms in the world.


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